Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New Year...New You!

Hope everyone had a great holiday and is ready for the New Year!
2016 will be full of surf! Get Ready...

Thursday, June 04, 2015

How Good...

Anybody enjoying this week's epic conditions and swells?  Yeww.  Get out there.  It's been GOOD!

Cardiff Reef...June 2015

Friday, December 12, 2014

Winter Swells Arrive to SD Beaches

Finally, we get some solid winter swell energy unloading at our W/NW Exposed reefs and beaches!

December 12, 2014
By Chris Racan

Over the past few days we have seen some solid energy from a NPAC storm system that passed our swell window a few days ago...Weekend Outlook.
Cardiff By The Sea, Winter Swell
Friday-Sunday(12/12 - 12/14) will offer up a mixture of size and conditions as our local storm system clears out leaving the new W/WNW swell close on it's heals. The best size and conditions will be Saturday morning if you knew where to be.  Beach breaks will be hollow and closed out with the mid-long period swell.  reefs will be the best shape/size with the morning offshore winds. Sunday will still have plenty of swell leftovers and as the period falls off a bit we could see some better conditions at the beach breaks. 

Short-Range Forecast - Week of December 15th 2014
Look for waves to continue to be solid all week next week.  We may see a slight drop off Monday before our next swell fills in more on Tuesday.  Will actually be a much needed rest day for our noodle arms after this current swell. 

Swell model forecast, as of 12/12/2014

Long-Range Forecast - End of Month, December 2014
NPAC is busy spinning up some nice storms which will send us some decent energy by mid-week next week and keep swell back to back lined up through at least the end of the month.  
THERE'S A BIG ONE OUT THE BACK! Christmas Swell 2014!
Check out the forecast...If the swell models hold true we will be looking at a solid swell producing storm to enter our swell window by next weekend and holding a really nice direction pushing right at So Cal for 5-7 days straight!  LOOK OUT LA JOLLA COVE!!  Merry Christmas to all if this holds true sending us a SOLID Christmas swell 2014.  Fingers crossed!

As always, stay tuned for more updates and stay Stoked! 

Billabong Pipe Masters - Live Now

Soggy, SW/S wind batting down our new shot of W/WNW swell.  Look for cleaner conditions late today with better conditions Saturday morning.  Could see some large sets!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bad Swell Mix with worse conditions coming.

Well, bad now but gets even worse soon. This weekend we will have a small mix of NW wind swell around 2-3' @ 10 seconds which may peak up a bit for Sunday but still looking at soft, waist-chest high surf if your lucky enough to find it. Mix that with some early May Grey and your left with a recipe for couch potato syndrome for the weekend. Wish I had good news to report for forecast but looks like this windswell will fade as we approach mid-week with literally nothing behind it. Next weekend we see good weather but 0 surf! There is a little S-SE swell running but it is pretty much passing SD completely.

Good luck and happy hunting if your taking you 10'0" out for a spin.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

San Diego Surf Forecast - Mid March 2013

Last Weekend Hopefully Left You Surfed Out and Now Resting in Preparation of Some New South Swells on the Horizon!   SPAC Heats up early in March to Send us some fun Surf.

March 13, 2013
By Chris Racan

Last Weekend we saw waves nearly everywhere as we got a nice warm-up shot of SPAC energy and a healthy dose of NPAC Mid-period energy.  
Cardiff By The Sea, CA
Thursday-Saturday (3/7 - 3/9/13) offered up the best size and conditions if you knew where to be.  Now we are left with the dwindling energy from a storm that was brewing nicely in the NPAC but got completely blown to pieces before it entered our swell window.  The good news is that the SPAC is churning out some early season storms that will surely send us some really great energy, although it may come as steep, long-period, south but never-the-less we will get waves at our south facing breaks come mid next week.

Short-Range Forecast - Mid week through weekend of March 18th 2013
The near future is looking very grim as far as waves are concerned in SD as we await the energy from the SPAC system to slowly roll it's wait north to us.  This week we will have only remnant wind swell hitting our beaches through the work week with the best chance at something fun to ride being on Saturday, but even Saturday is looking like chest high surf will be a lucky find!  This week is a great chance to get your spring clean-up done, take the kids to the zoo, splurge some time with your wife/sweetheart or both and save the surf excuses for later in the month.  At any rate if you must get wet be sure to bring your biggest/thickest board, hopefully you have a 12'0" laying around.

Long-Range Forecast - March 19th and beyond
South Swell @ Black's Beach - La Jolla, CA
SPAC is busy spinning up a nice storm which will send us some decent energy by mid-week next week.  Look for forerunners to show up at select south facing beaches by Tuesday afternoon and then the bulk of the energy to show through Friday at least.  This swell is marching a long way to grace our beaches and it is coming from a rather preferred angle for south swells.  Look for the bulk of the swell to arrive from 195-205 degrees at around 3-4' @ 16-18 seconds.  This will look like overhead, clean, groomed lines at south facing spots.  There is bad news though... Weather is looming.  A storm system is set to come ashore central/southern California at about the same time as the bulk of this south swell so conditions will be hit or miss.  be sure to time your break right for best conditions.  

As always, stay tuned for more updates and stay Happy! 

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Surf Forecast & Update - Beginning of March 2013

March is setting up to bring some fun swells to San Diego and beginning this weekend with our first shot of South Swell for 2013

By Chris Racan

I hope you all have been getting your share of waves over the first two months of the year as there have been plenty of waves to be had.  In fact, I can't recall a day that wasn't surf able.

Looking ahead we are seeing the SPAC start to produce some favorable storms that will turn on our South swell maker early in the year.  Plus, there is still a great deal of energy aloft in the NPAC to keep us getting some smaller winter swells as well.  March is historically great for pulsing in those glassy AM combo swells that we all love so much.

Short-Range Forecast - Weekend of 3/1/13-3/3/13
March Combo Swell - Small but look at the shape!
The weekend will start out with some long period south swell gracing our beaches with energy likely to be showing up around 2-4' @ 16-18 seconds from 190-210 degrees.  I would definitely suggest getting to your south swell spots and checking out how the sand has shifted.  Some breaks will be phenomenal and others might need some serious South energy to realign the bottom contour.  Either way this is a great little bit of energy for exploration of your favorite south swell spot.  We will also be seeing a shot of W-NW by late Friday as well.  This swell is coming from far off, deep in the NPAC, but will send us some long period swell likely peaking Saturday and showing up around 2-4' @16-18 seconds from a favorable 270-280 degrees.  Combo conditions will be in full effect Saturday and with the forecast of 80 degree weather and offshore we could be in for a heck of a fun day in the water if you know where to go!
Where to surf this weekend:  Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, La Jolla Shores, BLACKS, Torrey Pines, Del Mar (21st St), D Street, Ponto, and Oceanside.

Wetsuits - Full Suits

Long-Range Forecast - 3/4/13 and Beyond
Swell Forecast for Monday 3/4/13 
Out the Back!  There looks to be some really good energy lining up in both the NPAC and SPAC for us.  we should be in store for surf able conditions for the foreseeable future.  There may be a brief shot of cold/weather later in the week next week but other than that a combo of South and North swells should be marching in to our beaches in pretty nice succession and with moderate weather as well.  The best shot of swells in the near future looks to be setting up for around March 9-11 and will ikely be another, yet bigger, combo setup.  Stay tuned for more updates.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

O' Winter Where art Thou... Dismal Forecast for Surf in San Diego

Not Much In the Water with Regards to Surf! :(

I hope you have been getting your share of these past swells that have been littering our coast since the beginning of the year because the short-range forecast looks pretty bleek.  That being said we have been scoring some pretty nice conditions and sneaky size over the past 6 weeks so we can't really complain to badly. 

Short-Range Forecast - 2/14/13 - 2/17/13
President's weekend usually draws a few extra bodies into the water to surf but this year old Abe is leaving us skunked!  Perhaps our day of observation of founding presidents of our great country are not meant to be spent surfing?  Although, I would hope that Abe and his manly facial hair dabbled in the surf way back when, or at least enjoyed a good swim in the empty waters of those days.  Never-the-less, the weekend outlook is looking bad!  Get your spring cleaning done early, go golf, or maybe go shopping but surfing will likely not be in the cards for most of us.    Through the weekend we can expect knee high surf with occasional waist high during prime tides.  Sunday afternoon looks to be the best chance of anything surf-able with a super small 1-2' @ 16 seconds swell showing up from 280-290 degrees.  If you have a 12' 0" you are in luck this weekend!

Long-Range Forecast - President's Day and Beyond
If you are lucky enough to have Monday off of work for President's Day you might want to go check out some of the outlet sales, plant your garden, fertilize your lawn, or anything other than surf.    There is not much swinging into our coast for the early part of next week.  We might see some wind/weather for Wednesday and the chance for some sloppy storm surf, if your into that and know where to score onshore bumpy swell. :)   THURSDAY morning looks to be the best chance this week to score some quality waves. Thursday am we should have offshore winds, a smallish 3-5' @ 10-12 seconds mid period swell from pretty due west (270 degrees).   Naturally, Thursday am will have a high tide of 5' to soften up the already soft wind swell but still there will be beach breaks and structures that will be able to turn this energy into ride able surf.  Friday and all the way through next weekend we see diminishing conditions again and nothing much to report.